Chris Bosh Hits Game Winner Against Spurs 3/31/13

Lebron, Wade and Chalmers sat out last night but the Miami Heat still managed to defeat the Spurs. The score was 85-86, the Spurs had a one point lead with 8.8 seconds left. Ray Allen brought the ball quickly down the court trying to get an open 3 pointer on the left corner but was closed in immediately with a double team. The Spurs didn’t realize Bosh was at the top wide open. Bosh swished a game winning 3 pointer to put the Heat ahead 88-86 with 1.1 seconds left in the game. Watch it above… great game. Also the Heat starters were, PG Norris Cole, SG Mike Miller, SF Rashard Lewis, PF Udonis Haslem and C Chris Bosh. Bosh had 23, 9 and 3, Lewis had 7, 3 and 3, Haslem had 8 and 7, Cole had 13, 1 and 4, Mike Miller had 12, 3 and 5. 25 points came off the bench, with Ray Allen leading the bench with 14.


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