Lebron James tops list of top performers in clutch moments


“The topic of clutch performance has a knack for inciting heated debate, but this season brings little in the way of arguable gray area. Miami is very definitively the best team in the NBA when it comes to success in the clutch, as the Heat outscore opponents by an unbelievable 32 points per 100 possessions in those scenarios. That’s more than double the pace-adjusted margin of the second-ranked team (Oklahoma City; +13.8), and it’s built on a dominant offense and stifling defense that both individually rate as the best in the league in clutch situations. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra sifts his lineup down to the bare essentials as the fourth quarter draws to a close, replacing stopgap parts with the masterful shooting and powerful influence of Ray Allen. The sample size is too small for clutch lineup data to register any significant impact, but the fact that LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Allen rank as four of the top five in clutch plus-minus should offer some idea of that foursome’s power.

But of course, it’s James who provides the primary engine for crunch-time production in Miami — a fact made abundantly clear by his averages of 29.1 points, 11.4 rebounds and 11.2 assists in the clutch. James leads the entire league in total clutch assists and rebounds, exercising his command in the clearest fashion possible.

No player in the league comes remotely close to matching James’ comprehensive splendor. Even some of the most versatile players in the NBA become single-minded scorers or neglect the possibilities of a full-team offense in the clutch, but James does a marvelous job of imposing his will without ignoring his teammates. The corresponding production of Wade (19.6 points), Bosh (16.9), and Allen (17.8) corroborate that notion. Further, with James doing much of the ball handling and finding open shots for his teammates, Wade is able to maintain one of the best shooting percentages (50 percent from the field) among mid-to-high-usage clutch scorers, Allen converts at a rate a few ticks higher than his season average (48.9 percent) and Bosh has maxed out his shooting efficiency (77.1 percent) on fewer shot attempts. Abandon hope, all ye who face the Heat in crunch time.” Excerpt of an article from Sports Illustrated, Props.

So I found this article figured it’d be worth a look, I wasn’t surprised at seeing Lebron James at the Top clutch performer in the league this year. He’s been on fire ALL year and I’ve seen him make more than 5 game winning shots too. Collectively the Miami Heat are also the most clutch team in the NBA. Also among the top performers in clutch moments are Kobe Bryant and Kyring Irving. If you click here to read the full article you’ll see the Top performers. This was just basically the Top 3, and I figured I’d give all you Lebron haters something to read and make you hate him more. Face it Lebron’s in his prime and is absolutely dominating the NBA.


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