The Boycott Of Rick Ross (@rickyrozay @rapradar3 @reebok @UltraViolet)



Well I’m sure EVERYBODY has heard about this Rick Ross rape lyric fiasco and you know what I’m sick of Ross’ shit. He BLATANTLY lied about being a Cop (C.O; Correctional Officer), he raps about a life he doesn’t live (except for the driving maybachs he does that) and just keeps filling everyone’s head with BULLSHIT. Rick Ross should be dropped, honestly Mike Vick went to prison for dog fighting charges and EVERYBODY dropped anything they had with him immediately even before he was convicted. I don’t think Dog Fighting is as serious as RAPE, Rick Ross made a line about Rape. Yes people in Hip-Hop have done this before but Ross wasn’t playing. Its a different generation now too, Eminem always fucked around and made story’s with his rhyming and Tyler The Creator does it but they don’t mean it. They don’t care at all because they don’t promote it but Ross comes along and drops this line promoting rape with drugs. I’m not sure if I got my point across but to make a line just like that is wrong, especially since it doesn’t seem like a story or a quick line. He’s also promoting molly (a drug that I’m sick of fucking hearing reference too). Everyone should follow and quietly boycott Rick Ross his music, label, products and anything he does. I’m not buying anything Reebok until they drop him. (Shouts out to NIKE) RapRadar shouldn’t be with him either.. all respect for their blog but this is pretty wrong. Ross giving apologies out after the fact he’s getting all this petition stuff and people going against him. Ross is a god damn fraud . Fuck em.


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