New York Knicks BEAT OKC Thunder 125-120.



Not much to say about how shocked I am, I believe the Knicks have one 12 games straight now and Melo‘s been on fire for a few games now. Thats crazy seeing as how bad the Knicks were last year, probably just needed a coaching change (which seems to be true). The Knicks TOASTED OKC, the shot that sealed it away was from J.R. Smith. The best moment of the game was between Raymond Felton and J.R. Smith. Raymond Felton was going to the basket and fell, but quickly recovered and threw the ball out too J.R. Smith who shot a 3 ball within in 2 seconds of having possession he launched right away and drilled it. To me that ENDED the hype in the arena and OKC’s confidence. The Knicks power housed thru 12 teams now and I believe they are a threat. I’m a Miami Heat fan saying this… I really believe the Knicks have a shot at making through the 1st round and doing a lot more.


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