Chief Keef’s GBE Member STEALS chain from @SouljaBoy



Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment associate, BallOut, ignited some real beef between Soulja Boy and Chief Keef’s crew after stealing a chain from Soulja Boy.  BallOut posted pictures of Soulja Boy’s stolen chain on Instagram and Twitter.  The only thing is, it wasn’t a robbery as in “stick ’em up” style, close range theft with a weapon of some sort.  Instead Soulja Boy acknowledged that he did in fact get his chain stolen but he claimed that BallOut stole the chain from Soulja Boy’s house while he wasn’t even home!

Adding to that, Soula Boy claimed that the chain BallOut took wasn’t even real!  It seems as though that is also true, as Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, and BallOut have all tweeted about the jewelry being fake.  Since the theft occurred, Soulja Boy and BallOut have engaged in a Twitter beef, sending threats back and forth.  Soulja Boy seemed to challenge BallOut to see how legit he was with his street status, when he told him to attend a certain club where Soulja Boy would be to confront him face-to-face; however, there has been no confirmation of any physical altercation taking place.  

Check out the heated Twitter beef between Soulja Boy and GBE above.

This is an article from, props to them for it. But man no surprise here, Ballout sucka punched Soulja haha. Pretty stupid tho, all GBE members claiming they aren’t fake and aren’t broke but still find away to lie to themselves and steal shit smh.


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