Cassie Didn’t Like Her Biggest Hit “Me & U”



Cassie just did a interview with XXL Magazine and in the interview she actually says she didn’t like her biggest hit to date “Me&U.” She thought it wasn’t good enough and it didn’t have a good feel but people liked it.. a lot. I don’t see why she didn’t like it, I love that song.. I still have it in my iPod and phone. Check an excerpt of the interview below..

You got another single “Numb” that’s making its way around the blogs. Do you ever feel like you could live up to “Me & U”? That song had a life of its own.
I think mentally with really considering I was 18, 19 years old. I’ve put out several records and singles on both my labels since. I really have tried a lot of different things. I feel like it was time to complete something that was for my supporters and for myself, for once, and not really have to worry about living up to “Me & U” because “Me & U” is such a staple record.

I didn’t like “Me & U” when I first cut it. That’s the funniest thing to me in the world. Like after I heard it, I was like, “I sound so monotone. What is this?” You know what I mean? Everyone fell in love with it. I don’t set myself up to feel like I have to hit an expectation of some sort. That’s why I wanted to make it vibe-y and it be a mixtape and not be an album and just give it to people.


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