Album Review: 50 Cent – “5 (Murder By Numbers)”



Back again with another Review, I’m doing “5 (Murder By Numbers)” by 50 Cent. Starting with Track 1, ending with track 10. I was excited for this too, 3rd mixtape from Fifty. (While we still wait for Banks to drop 1 mixtape….) If you do wanna read the whole thing I recommend it, there will be info on some featured artists and some producers at the end.

1.) “My Crown”
First track, wasn’t feeling it but that sample is dope. Sounds like a reggae sample, I love reggae ha ha. 50 sounds weird on here, lyrics of course are good if you listen. But overall was not feeling this track.

2.) “NY”
Trox is the producer who made this bangin beat, this whole track is fucking fire. 50 isn’t rapping that fast either and its still dope, most people who rap slow make the song ass. “New York, For Short Call Me NY,” hooks good, one of my favorite tracks.

3.) “United Nations”
This beats pretty good, Fiddy sounds good too. Not many people liked this track and I think its one of the underrated tracks. Just the sound of it makes me wanna bump it 24/7, maybe the hook could’ve been a little faster but overall another dope track.

4.) “Business Mind” Featuring Hayes
Production handled by Hit-Boy, which is a plus cause Hit-Boy is a Top 5 producer in the game today. 50 Cent & Hayes, this track’s hot. Hayes does his thing, 50 does too. This reminds me of “50 Cent is The Future,” where did some tracks with Lloyd Banks. Another favorite of mine, you can’t fuck with this track.

5.) “Roll That Shit” Featuring Kidd Kidd
Now this tracks way too damn hot, everyone downs this track too because of Kidd Kidd, but I don’t care. I can fuck with this track at anytime of the day. Hooks crazy good for 6 words, “I roll shit, I smoke shit,” its just appealing to me. But the only thing I didn’t like was Kidd Kidd’s verse, I mean hes good with the track but 50 could’ve gotten someone like Yayo for this. Really not a fan of Kidd Kidd’s verse here.

6.) “Turn The Lights On”
The sample in the beginning is nice, I like it. This was dope cause 50 released this on July 4th, so at least he left me to bump this all day. This beat is crack man, whole track is tough. “Bitch I Can’t See Shit, Leave The Lights On,” 50’s just talking about everythings he got and this girl hes fucking with ha ha.

7.) “Money”
This track made me Zzzz, maybe it’ll grown on me at some point. Beat was pretty basic, hook basic, didn’t really like this track. It’s in the same category as “My Crown.”

8.) “Definition Of Sexy”
Beginning of the track is alright, then it lures you right in. Fifty moves to his soft side here, but he’s still saying some hard shit. This definitely is a good track, but not a favorite. Those extra vocals so good too, no idea who that is though.

9.) “Be My Bitch” Featuring Brevi
50 tried to be soft but nah it can’t happen ha ha, the titles “Be My Bitch.” This Brevi girl is pretty good herself, I like her and 50 together. Another favorite of mine from the album, Brevi really brings the track together.

10.) “Can I Speak To You”
The beats solid, 50 sounds good, sample is good for here too. ScHoolboy Q is dope as fuck, good thing 50 let him get on here. A lot of people don’t like ScHoolboy Q, but those are the people that never listened to him.

Overall I give it a 8 out of 10, I like the sound but those love songs weren’t that great. “Be My Bitch” was my only favorite and it wasn’t too good. The other tracks were dope though, my absolute favorite was “Turn The Lights On,” but here’s my Top 5…

  1. NY
  2. United Nations
  3. Business Mind
  4. Turn The Lights On
  5. Roll That Shit

Those were the only tracks that stood out to me, if I ranked it against “The BIG 10” and “The Lost Tape” it’d be third. But the production was solid overall and I liked the features. The only feature that could’ve been better was Kidd Kidd’s. Download “5 (Murder By Numbers)” from Here.

Twitter: @JayLav_

Additional Information:

Focus was signed with Aftermath, Interscope but left due to Family Issues. He has produced for Tony Yayo, The Outlawz, The Game and more.

Trox is from the West Coast and has produced for 50 Cent, Freeway, Fashawn, Krizz Kaliko and more.
Twitter: @iamTROX

Mr.Colt 45, couldn’t find much info on him but he has been heavily involved with G-Unit in the last few months. He produced tracks for Precious Paris also.

The Letter “C” is a New York Native, figuring 50 must of found him out and about. He’s produced for 50 Cent, Vado Sheek Louch and more.
Twitter: @thirdletterc

Harvey Mason, Jr. has been around for awhile but quietly. Not many have heard of him but hes produced for Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and more. He also was executive producer for the Lebron James’ documentary.
Twitter: @HarveyMansonJr

DJ Pain 1 has produced for 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Jim Jones and more. He’s mostly an underground producer but he has 1 plaque from Young Jeezy’s “The Recession,” he produced “Don’t Do It.”
Twitter: @DjPain1

Hayes got signed by Timbaland and was on Timbalands “Mosley Music Group” but was later dropped. This group was under “Aftermath Entertainment” so he did get to work with Dr.Dre. Timbaland said “He reminds me of B.I.G. the way he can tell stories.” Hayes is from Detroit.
Twitter: @Earl_Hayes

Brevi is from L.A. not much to say about her shes in her 20’s and sings. She is a really good singer and she showed that on “Be My Bitch.”
Twitter: @BREVI


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