Album Review: B.o.B – “Strange Clouds”


B.o.B dropped his latest piece of work “Strange Clouds.” I’m pretty happy Bobby Ray finally dropped his album, a lot of people downed the album but I think has better quality than the last. B.o.B changed it up this time and that’s what I like most. Here’s my review for his 15 track album.

1.) Bomb’s Away (Feat. Morgan Freeman)
B.o.B lets it out on the song, I liked the Morgan Freeman speech in the beginning. It really set the tone for the song. Hooks dope and the productions on point.
2.) Ray Bands
Now this track is one of my favorites because its just a song that sticks to you, its catchy. Beats alright, nothing special. Bobby Ray on the hook is nice though, Good song to bump with your friends.
3.) So Hard To Breathe
This is another favorite of mine, B.o.B says something in this that really gets to me. Hes real on this track and he just talks about fame. Production is Solid, lyrics are good and the hooks good. Love the singing Bob does now.
4.) Both of Us (Feat. Taylor Swift)
To start GREAT choice of picking Taylor Swift to do the hook. She sounds great and she sounds different, which I really like. B.o.B does his thing again and the beats dope.
5.) Strange Clouds (Feat. Lil Wayne)
B.o.B goes hard on this song, I think. Not his best but good for the radio, he made it better for the radio too by adding Lil Wayne too. Weezy didn’t do anything fantastic, but his verse is alright. Beat didn’t really stand out to me.
6.) So Good
I do like this track, I think its good for the radio, commercials, partys and just hanging around. Beat sounded similar to Bomb’s away but I like this song more. Hook is crazy good, Bobby Ray does it again.
7.) Play For Keeps
I don’t really like this song much nor do I like the beat. Bob does a good job but I’m not feeling this. This feels like “Stronger” by Yeezy, it seems like a wanna be pump up track.
8.) Arena (Feat. Chris Brown & T.I.)
Good looks on getting Chris Brown to do the hook but he should of picked another beat. I’m not to fond of this beat at all. T.I.’s verse was dope and this track was good but the beat isn’t great.
9.) Out of My Mind (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
Bob goes off, beat is crazy good. Really stands out to me, and Nicki fits this beat. I think she’s good for this, another great track. Only thing Nicki needs to fix is this sound shes making like shes finding out someone stepped on her shoes.
10.) Never Let You Go (Feat. Ryan Tedder)
Great hook, I never heard of Ryan Tedder but he’s a really talented singer. Beats alright though, B.o.B doesn’t fail me here either. Also this track does remind me of “Spacebound” by Eminem in the beginning of the hook.
11.) Chandelier (Feat. Lauriana Mae)
I like the feel of this track, not really feeling Lauriana though. Beats good for this and Bob blends well. I really think Ryan Leslie, Trey Songz or Beyonce should’ve done this hook but when do you hear Beyonce on a hook.
12.) Circles
Don’t like the beat, B.o.B, or anything about this track at all. I think it was just a filler for the album.
13.) Just a Sign (Feat. Playboy Tre)
This songs good, I like how B.o.Bs running the beat, I like the hook but I don’t like Playboy Tre. Never have liked him.This beat is smooth and slow which I really like.
14.) Castles (Feat. Trey Songz)
I really like the production and Trigga on the hook. Trey makes any song sound 30 times better if he’s on the hook. This song wasn’t even bad anyway, B.o.B did it again!
15.) Where Are You
B.o.B really reaches out to everyone and says I’m sorry to his fans. He explains whats been going on in his life, I like when B.o.B gets deep on a track. Just like Eminem, I like hearing artists talk about whats been going on and they’re problems.

This album was a really good piece of work, I thought it was a big up from his last album and his latest mixtape. Quality was put in for sure, B.o.B bounced back in my opinion. The features from Trey Songz, Ryan Tedder, T.I. and Taylor Swift were great! The only thing I really felt needed to be changed was the production. I don’t think there was a variety  Most of it sounded the same. Overall I believe the album was great, features were great and Bobby Ray didn’t fail me.
I give the album a 8 out of 10, B.o.B did a great job but his beats lacked.



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