Album Review: DJ Khaled – “Kiss The Ring”



DJ Khaled released “Kiss The Ring” yesterday the 21st. I’m gonna do a track by track review, I’d recommend reading this before actually copping the album. Enjoy the review guys and I’ll be completely honest about this.

1.) Shout Out to the Real Feat. Meek Mill, Ace Hood & Plies
Jahlil Beats and DJ Khaled produced the first track to the album. Starts out dope Meek kills it, Ace Hood killed it too and again Plies killed it. Great start to the album, beat was pretty good and everyone killed it.

2.) Bitches & Bottles Feat. Lil Wayne, T.I. & Future
The beat was crazy on this, Mike Will Made It really did a dope job making this. Down south sounding beat, and then to the song. This was a pretty hood ass song aha, but its DOPE. Most people will discount this just cause of the fact Future’s on here and Lil Waynes on here. Future was dope for the hook, the Kang was hot here too. Lil Wayne wasn’t that bad but this track is a club/party track, this wasn’t suppose to be a Nas track. I think it’s hot a club/party track.

3.) I Wish You Would Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross
ANOTHER hot ass beat, Hit-Boy did some serious work for this. Kanye all auto-tuned up sounded dope, I liked his verse no doubt. Rick Ross just talking about the usual, but his lyrics were dope. He actually tried to be lyrical not bad, this was a good track.

4.) Take It To The Head Feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
This was a good song for the radio and a party, its nice to listen to at anytime. Its a good track like “I’m On One” Khaled was pretty successful with this but didn’t match “I’m On One.” I’m pretty sure it went #1, but either way I liked this track. But wasn’t a fan of Nicki’s verse at all.

5.) They Ready Feat. J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T. & Kendrick Lamar
Beat was okay J.Cole was dope to begin this, not really a fan of Krit and Kendrick just went off. I love any track with Kendrick on it and I’m still waiting on that J.Cole x Kendrick Lamar album!

6.) I’m So Blessed Feat. Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Ace Hood & T-Pain
Not a fan of this track, I thought T-Pain’s auto tune was annoying and the beat pretty much sucks. I liked Big Sean’s verse but thats it. I thought this song was garbage.

7.) Hip-Hop Feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier
Man this is something I’ve been waiting for, dope verse from Scarface. Scarface is finally back haven’t heard from him in forever. Scarface and Nas are just talking about Hip-Hop. Nas and Scarface were DOPE, this is my favorite track off this album.

8.) I Did It For My Dawgz Feat. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana & Jadakiss
Khaled probably shouldn’t have had Ross on the hook, I would’ve picked Meek or French. Dope track I thought everyone killed it, production was tight. I really vibed to this.

9.) I Don’t See Em Feat. Birdman, Ace Hood & 2 Chainz
Beats dope, them piano keys in the beat are HOT. 2 Chainz killed it and I don’t usually liked Birdman but he was good for this. I thought Ace Hood was hot on this too.

10.) Don’t Pay 4 It Feat. Wale, Tyga, Mack Maine and Kirko Bangz
Kirko was dope for this beat, Auto tune is nice. Wale and Tyga killed it, didn’t really like Mack Maine. The Runners produced a hot ass track though.

11.) Suicidal Thoughts Feat. Mavado
This is a Boi-1da produced track though the beat was nice, Mavado really made this track great. Love this reggae track, its so dope. Another favorite from the album.

12.) Outro (They Don’t Want War) Feat. Ace Hood
Nah is this Khaled rapping!? Word, Khaled was dope. Ace Hood was nice on here too. Nice way to close your own album, drop a verse!

This really was Khaled’s best piece of work loved the features he grabbed for this. I wish he had more hardcore party/club tracks like “Bitches & Bottles” thats a hard ass track, gets me pumped. I think he had 1 or 2 bad tracks out of everything. I wouldn’t discount this album at all and I recommend you buy this album. It really was quality and Khaled mixed it up. He got the OG’s Nas and Scarface to get on a track together along with DJ Premier, hes got plenty club tracks and party tracks and I’m glad he grabbed Mavado to make a Reggae track. Then to close the album Khaled dropped a verse. I really thought this album was 8 out of 10, this album can get good replay value.

Favorite Tracks

  • Bitches & Bottles
  • Take It To The Head
  • Hip-Hop
  • I Did It For My Dawgz
  • Don’t Pay 4 It
  • I Wish You Would

Buy DJ Khaled’s album here on iTunes and I hope you enjoyed the review. Follow me on Twitter @JayLav


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