Album Review: Ja Rule – “Pain Is Love 2”



1.) Intro (Fuck Fame) ft Leah Siegal
I Really Liked The Start To This Intro, Then I REALLY Like The Vocals From Leah Siegal. Ja Rule Did His Thing Quick And Sounded Good. This Is a Good Way To Start The Album, It Shows What Its Mostly Gonna Sound Like. Overall Great Way To Start The Album, But Ja Rule Should Of Been On It More.

2.) Real Life Fantasy ft Anita Louise
Beats Solid, Hook’s Pretty Good, and Ja Rule Does His Thing On Here. The Vocals For The Hook From Anita Louise Are Absolutely Good, Excellent Choice For The Hook.
“Is This My Life Or Am I Dreaming”

3.) Parachute ft Leah Siegal
Again Leah Siegal Does It Again For The Hook, 7 Aurelius Does a Good Job Once Again For The Beat. Sounds Like a Mix Up Of Rock And Hip-Hop. I Some What Like Ja’s Lyrics But They Went Good With Song.
“All the way from Heaven to the stars, The stars pass along, The moon turns to sky, The sky turns to you, I’m falling, I’m falling with no parachute, I’m falling for love with no parachute.”

4.) Superstar
I Like The Beat But His Hook Sounds Like The Song Real Life Fantasy. I Like What He’s Saying To Be Honest, It’s Just The Hook That Turns Me Off.
“Been Motivated All My Life,  Couldn’t Wait For This Moment.”

5.) Black Vodka
Smooth Beat, Something To Sit Back And Relax Too. I Really Liked The Hook, It Really Got To Me. This Would Be Dope To Get a Music Video For. I Can Picture Him With a Girl On The Beach, It Just Goes With It.
“Black Vodka, Body So Proper, I Love The Way Shes On Top Of Me”

6.) Drown ft Somong
Another Good Hook, The Beats Decent But Ja Rule Does Pretty Damn Good On This. Another Relaxing Song, I Like How He Kept His Flow Going And It Sounded Good.
“This is a story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world.”

7.) Never Had Time ft Jon Doe
Not a Fan Of This Beat, I Think Its To Upbeat And Techno. I Really Don’t Even Like This Jon Doe Guy On The Hook. I Only Like Ja Because He’s Keeping Up And He Sounds Pretty Good. The Lyrics For The Hook Are Good, I Just Don’t Like This Guys Voice.
“I Shoulda Picked Up The Phone And Said, I Never Had The Time…”

8.) Strange Days ft 7 Aurelius & Ramzo
Ja Sounds Good, But Again I Don’t Like Who’s On The Hook. His Voice Isn’t Worthy For Me To Like.
“What Goes Around Comes Back Bitch, Karma.”

9.) To The Top ft Kalenna Of Dirty Money
Ja’s Going At The Beat! Beats Pretty Good, Kalenna Sounds Really Good On The Hook. I Think She Was Perfect For The Hook. This Is Definitely a Hot Track!
“Like Abbreviated Words, Something Is Missing.”

10.) Pray 4 The Day ft Leah Siegal
Soft Track, Another Relaxing Type. Leah’s Voice Is Pretty Soothing, And Ja Rule Is Saying Some Real Stuff. I Like This, They Couldn’t Have Done This One Better.
“Pray For The Day, All The Pain Goes Away.”

11.) Believe
This Sounds Like a Beat Lloyd Banks Would Destroy, But Ja Rule Has It This Time. I Think He Sounds Alright, His Lyrics Are Pretty Decent. The Best Part Of The Song Is The Hook For Sure, I Like How Ja Rule Did It.
“Ya’ll Niggas Full Of Shit, Thats Why Ya Assholes.”

12.) Spun a Web ft Amia
Mr. Atkins Says Some REAL Stuff In The Beginning, Wanna Be’s Take Notes. The Beats Solid And He’s Good With This, The Music Video For It Was Pretty Nice. I Thought It Went With It Very Well. Amia Did a Good Job With The Hook Also, She Sounds Great. I Recommend You Listen To This Track For Sure Though.
“Love Thy Hater, You Know They Say Everything We Hear Is Opinion, Not Fact And Everything We See Is Perspective Not Truth, The Fewer The Facts The Stronger The Opinion. And Opinion Is The Medium Between Knowledge And Ignorance, Bitch.”

Top Tracks

  • Parachute
  • Drown
  • To The Top
  • Pray 4 The Day
  • Spun a Web

This Album Was Pushed Back Twice, And I Believe Ja Took The Perfect Amount Of Time To Work On This Album. It Was Not Rushed, And He Had a Great Taste For Picking Vocals For The Hooks. He Actually Did Good By Himself On The Hook For “Believe.” Superstar and Real Life Fantasy, I Thought Were Very Similar Lyrically. But The Beats Are All On Point, Ja Put Some Good Work Out Before He Left For His 2 Year Sentence. I’m Sure Since Real Life Fantasy Was The Only Single, It Didn’t Get Much Radio Play And This Will Most Likely Cause The Album To Sell Kinda Low. I’m Expecting It To Sell Between 55,000 and 70,000. For Ranking On The Billboard 200 Probably Between 16th and 4th. Overall I Really Do Think It Was a Quality Album, Ja Did Put Good Time Into This Album. The Downs To This Album Were Ja Being Repetitive On Those 2 Songs “Real Life Fantasy” and “Superstar.” Now For a Rating I’d Give This a 7.5/10 , I Liked The Album a Lot But I Don’t Wanna Go Overboard. I Recommend This Album, You Can Buy It Here!


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