Album Review: Kendrick Lamar – “Good kid, m.A.A.d City”



Kendrick Lamar let loose his debut album Good kid, m.A.A.d City October 22nd and I’m sorry this review is so late. I felt the need to let it all sink in and I let the album sit for a bit. Now I think its time for the review to come, check this out before you buy the album. Which I recommend for every album I review but I think you may be a little surprised with what I think. Hit me on Twitter if you have anything to say about the review or wanna tell me something.. @JayLav_

1.) Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter
Weird intro to the album I guess but its kind of mysterious just like the album its self. The album is pretty unpredictable  but I thought it was dope. Nothing like Meek Mill’s intros. Meek is dope with opening and closing his mixtapes and his newly released album.

2.) Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
Love the beat here, sounds smooth.. Something I can definitely vibe too. Great start to the track by Kendrick, the way it opens just makes me wanna listen. Kendrick is really flowing here, he rides the beat pretty good.

3.) Backseat Freestyle
Can’t say how many times I’ve listened to this freestyle. DOPEST freestyle I’ve heard in awhile. Beats pretty hard and Kendrick just kills it, when I listened to this my head almost exploded haha, shits stupid dope.

4.) The Art of Peer Pressure
Again beats nice, smooth this time. I wasn’t really a fan of this song, it has a old school sound to it and that’s about it. I don’t really feel what Kendrick was doing here. Especially with his voice.. the fuck was he doing.

5.) Money Trees Featuring Jay Rock
This beats okay nothing too great, but I seen this as another good song.. dope that he got Jay Rock on here. Jay Rock has been kind of wack at times with his music but he really showed that he can be good, especially on here. This got a couple replays in iTunes, one of my favorites.

6.) Poetic Justice Featuring Drake
I’m not sure how I feel about the beat, again as I repeat its smooth and slow, I dig that. The track is overall nice, certainly a nice track with this Drake feature. I don’t really like Drake but I like R&B Drake, this is more his style. I hate when Drake gets gangsta like on “Stay Schemin” but he stayed in his lane on this. This also debuted at 110 I think on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 or whatever its called haha. I could see this getting more air play but until then it sits just under the Billboard Hot 100.

7.) good kid
Not feeling this track in any way at all, I don’t like Kendrick rapping or the beat itself. I hate this track so much.. worst track on the album.

8.) m.A.A.d city Featuring MC Eiht
After hearing that God AWFUL track “good kid” this saved me from killing myself. Beats hot and Kendrick’s dope as fuck here.. I’m not sure what this is about still. I mean the title could be self-explanatory for the song, but I didn’t really pick on to this. That doesn’t really matter cause I sort of get the concept. Songs still hot and another favorite..

9.) Swimming Pools (Drank)
First Kendrick song I ever heard was this song.. Swimming Pools and that’s when I thought highly of Kendrick. That’s when I thought the west coast is back, that’s when I thought Hip-Hop might have a savior. Song has a great concept, Kendrick’s nice and the beats pretty hot. Also I checked its position of the Hot 100, I could not believe it made it to 32. This could possibly be a Top 10 song and I see that. But I see this now, I absolutely did not think that before just because I thought everyone was too busy riding Rick Ross’s nasty black dick and same for Wayne. All I usually hear is “Pop That” by French Montana, but apparently people opened there eyes and were like “YEAH THIS IS DOPE IMMA CALL DIS SHIT IN MAYNE.” Finally that happened… but overall I’m satisfied with this song.

10.) Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst
Old school sounding beat, I like it. Kendrick really know how to start a track man.. absolutely love this track. Another favorite of mine from this album.

11.) Real Featuring Anna Wise
One of those tracks that I just don’t feel, I like the beginning and Anna Wise on here is a plus but just didn’t see eye to eye with Kendrick on this one.

12.) Compton Featuring Dr. Dre
This dropped before the album and the beats okay, really didn’t feel it. I listen to it here and there but it’s not a track that will be rotated all the time, Dr. Dre was dope but I just didn’t like Kendrick that much here.

Well that was my review, I hope you enjoyed it and I do recommend purchasing this album. I see it as a good thing for Hip-Hop, we all deserved a good album. This whole year was full of great albums, now I had a few thoughts about the album and I shared them on Twitter and I got negative responses. I do believe this lived up to what people hyped it to be but I REPEAT I do not think this will go down as a classic. I really liked this album but I’m not a huge Kendrick fan. I don’t ever see this being classified as a classic. Album of the year to me went to Nas for his album Life is Good. But many disagreed with me and I think it was those in the moment. I give this album a 8.5 out of 10I’ll put some links below if you’d like to buy the album.. Also I would like a response to my thoughts you can reach me at my Twitter or comment below if you’d like..





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