Mixtape Review: 50 Cent – “The Lost Tape”



50 drops his latest mixtape since “The BIG 10,” which was released in December. This is 50 Cent’s first DJ hosted mixtape and its hosted by the hottest mixtape DJ out, DJ Drama. I’m gonna review this mixtape entirely and give an honest opinion at the end.

1.) “Get Busy” (Feat. Kidd Kidd)
This beat bangs but nothing special, 50 goes off and does his thing. But Kidd Kidd really did give a wack verse. The hook is dope, I like how it sounds, wish Kidd Kidd did better on here.
2.) “Double Up” (Feat. Hayes)
I really don’t like this track, 50’s verse wasn’t necessarily great. Hayes verse was good, but my overall feeling of this song is bad.
3.) “Murder One” (Feat. Eminem)
Soupted for this track because its Eminem & 50. Fitty says straight out in the beginning “I’m the reason you make a mixtape,” which is very true. But this beats dope, 50s dope and sounds like he’s back in his Gangsta rapping day and Eminem, where was he? He just talked in the beginning. Not fair I wanted him to go off.
4.) “Riot (Remix)” (Feat. 2 Chainz)
Fitty dropped the music video earlier for this. Dope lines he threw on here, but he should’ve put more. Either way good track, Chainz and 50 should make a real track though.
5.) “O.J.” (Feat. Kidd Kidd)
Dope beat, Kidd Kidd handles it in the beginning. Big up from the verse in “Get Busy.” Hook’s nice and 50 goes hard. Sounds like a premature party track, but this could bump.
6.) “I Ain’t Gonna Lie” (Feat. Robbie Nova)
Beats okay, reminds me of “Crew Love” by Drake. But the hooks good and 50s great. This will get some decent radio play no doubt.
7.) “Complicated”
Productions solid and 50 goes off along with a dope hook. This can get some radio play too but its nice.
8.) “You a Killer… Cool”
This beats dope too! 50’s sounding like the old 50 with the music he’s been dropping lately including this. I can just sit back and chill to this but it pumps me up a little. The tempo is fast and 50’s spittin quick.
9.) “Remain Calm” (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Precious Paris)
50 is great on here and he handles the hook. Snoop sounding dope, he needs to rap like this more often. Paris is good too, she sounds like Lil Kim or Foxy Brown on here. Did I mention how dope the beat is? Well the beats nasty, I really like it.
10.) “Can’t Help Myself”
Gangster 50 really stepped out here with what hes saying. This beats smooth, you can just chill to this. To be honest too, the beat sort of sounds like “Mean Muggin” by The Game.
11.) “When I Pop The Trunk” (Feat. Kidd Kidd)
Dope beginning with Fifty starting, dope ass beat, Sounds like hes on some Mafia shit. Productions SOLID, one of my favorite songs on here.
12.) “Planet 50” (Feat. Jeremih)
Smooth beat, something for the radio from 50 Cent. This will blow up like “I Just Wanna,” that got some serious play and its only a track from a mixtape. I like the fact that 50’s singing on the hook, you can barely hear Jeremih but hes involved with the hook too.
13.) “Swag Level”
Hot track, 50 just comes out like a monster. Potential to be a club banger, thats how I see it. Beats too dope and 50’s hook is dope.
14.) “Lay Down (Smoked)” (Feat. Ned The Wino)
Beat was okay nothing great, I do like the sound but its not my favorite. 50 does what he does best and makes this track. Ned The Wino is dope singer, glad 50 chose him to be on here with him.
15.) “All His Love”
Productions good, sounds different from most beats. Good ass track, no doubt this is a favorite. The hook is pretty good, I swear you CAN’T stop 50 from killing a track.

So I reviewed every song on “The Lost Tape,” and I really think this was a dope mixtape. Great material from Fifty. My favorite tracks are “Get Busy,” “When I Pop The Trunk,” “All His Love,” “Swag Level,” “Remain Calm,” and “Complicated.” Now what I didn’t like was 50’s beat choice, these are a bunch of less popular producers. I’m sure he’s saving the best for the album but I wish he got production from Jahlil Beats, Automatik Beatz, and 9th Wonder. His choice in features was also weak and what was the point of Eminem and Jeremih on those tracks? Eminem didn’t spit anything and Jeremih didn’t do much either. But like I said he must be saving the best material for his upcoming album.
Overall I give this mixtape a 8 out of 10.


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