Mixtape Review: Lloyd Banks – “V6: The Gift”



Here I am again reviewing another Album/Mixtape, this time it’s from the king of delays, Lloyd Banks. “V6: The Gift” finally dropped after a few months of waiting, and Banks didn’t disappoint me with this. I’m gonna review it from track 1 to track 15, so be prepared for this. I recommend reading my review before listening to the  tape just because I said so too.

1.) “Rise From The Dirt (Intro)”
The beat’s definitely hot, I always expect heat from Automatik, he’s a dope producer. Lloyd’s pretty much talking about how he rised and how it is for him practically. Great start to the long awaited mixtape.

2.) “City of Sin” (Feat. Young Chris)
This beat’s alright, nothing crazy, Lloyd makes up for the beat. He does a solid job with his lyrics and the hook’s dope. Not a fan of Young Chris, but he’s actually good on this track, I was never a fan of him because his verse on “House Party” by Meek Mill.

3.) “The Sprint”
Beat’s good but does it not sound like the beat for “City of Sin?” It’s pretty similar, you can’t have similar beats on the same mixtape. Bank’s is lucky he just ripped the beat apart anyway, this song is straight crack. One of my favorites off the tape.

4.) “Open Arms”
This track dropped earlier this year, around March I believe. Track’s produced by Doe Pesci, he is apart of G-Unit’s production team. This track is good, but I think the beat isn’t too great. This beat reminds me of “Eyes Wide,” I don’t like the song “Eyes Wide.” Bank’s is great but this beat isn’t great and the hook’s okay.

5.) “We Run The Town” (Feat. Vado)
Another favorite off the mixtape, Bank’s just started with fire right in the beginning of the tape. You got Bank’s spittin fire, a DOPE ass beat from Automatik and a hard feature from Vado. I’m always bumping this track though. Toughest track on the entire tape right here.

6.) “Protocol”
This beat starts off hot for sure, Lloyd just comes out with fire. This track’s another banger, hook’s just too nice. You CAN’T not like this track, fuck off if you don’t like this joint.

7.) “Can She Live”
This tracks okay, not sure if it will grow on me or anything. The beat sounds too familiar, it sounds like some song off “Cold Corner 2,”  I just can’t think of the name. But the hook’s okay too, I mean it could grow on me but at the moment not a fan of this track.

8.) “Bring it Back” (Feat. Fabolous)
This beat’s really good, it just sounds good and it goes with the track. Bank’s just spitting some fire and then Fabolous hops on. Fabo just killed it, I think he killed it more than Lloyd. Another favorite track.

9.) “Chosen Few” (Feat. Jadakiss)
Yeah, not liking the start to this beat at all. But the track has meaning to it and I like what Banks and Jada are saying so this tracks overall good to me. Even though the beat’s not that great, the lyrics are.

10.) “Gettin’ By” (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)
I mean Banks killed it but jesus ScHoolboy Q didn’t have to do all that. He absolutely murdered the beat in my opinion, good shit that Banks let him get on V6. Overall dope track, another favorite.

11.) “Live it Up”
As soon as I seen this song, I wanted to listen to it. It’s produced by Cardiak and I know what Cardiak does, he produced all that fire for Meek Mill. You just have a feeling it’ll be a crazy track. Lloyd went off on this, it has upbeat feeling just because of the feeling. This could potentially be a partying track, it’d be dope. I’d be one happy guy, if a DJ pulled this track out.

12.) “Money Don’t Matter”
This just has a good feel to it, with it starting off with the singing. I have no clue who’s singing, wish I did, guys real good. Someone needs to explain to me why this guy wasn’t credited with a feature, it can’t be a sample. But anyways Banks is just talking about some chick and how Money really doesn’t matter for anything but then again he’s talking about buying a ton of shit. This track is dope though.

13.) “Hate You More”
Now I really feel this beat, its dope for sure. This track overall I can relate too, like pretty much everything he says I can relate. I went through a breakup and a few girls after that. This track just reminds me of what they all pretty much did to me. Sounds like some girl fucked Banks over, and that happened to me. So I sorta have a connection to this track and it just appeals more to me than any other track.

14.) “Show and Prove”
This beat was okay, I expected more heat from Cardiak but this tracks good. I do like Banks on here, he’s just doing his thing and it flows well overall.

15.) “Terror Dome”
FIANLLY Doe Pesci delivers me a dope ass beat, this bangs hard, this whole track is absolutely dope. I can bump this at anytime, you just can’t say shit about this track. The hooks pretty dope too.

Man this mixtape was crazy, I still believe it was worth the wait and I think Lloyd Bank’s released absolute fire. The only problem I had with the tape was beat’s sounding the same from his past music. He really needs to expand his beat selection, I was happy with the fact he’s working more with Automatik and is working with Cardiak. Both dope and great producers, everyone else was great but I wasn’t a big fan of Doe Pesci. But overall this tape did go hard and I think its gonna be on play for awhile along side “Life is Good.” I give this tape a 8 out of 10.

Twitter: @JayLav_


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