Album Review: Kid Cudi (@ducidni)- “Indicud”


Kid Cudi released his latest album “Indicud” today and it seems like everyone wanted it. I was anticipating it, I don’t believe there was much radio play for anything on this album. Cudi was grabbing everybody’s attention with the songs he released and when he announced he’s no longer with G.O.O.D. Music. But check out my track by track review below.. I recommend reading it before buying the album.
1.) The Resurrection Of Scott Mescudi
I like the intro, it’s dark, mysterious, slow and fast. That basically sums the album up into one song, its not a song really. Just a short instrumental, but the sounds nice.
2.) Unfuckwittable
The beginnings cool, “Nobody Can Touch You,” reminds me of how Cudi left G.O.O.D. Music and is in his own world right now. Nobody’s touching Cudi and messing with him. The song has good energy, it has a good rock feel too. The hooks great too..
3.) Just What I Am ft King Chip
This was pushed as the first official single from the album, it was a good move too. It only ended up charting at #74 on the Hot 100. The song was hyped and more popular than the chart shows. The song has a positive vibe, King Chip aka Chip Tha Ripper starts the song off great too.
4.) Young Lady ft Father John Misty
This has more of a rock feel to it for sure, the sound is great though. It’s smooth, something to ride to or vibe too. Great move putting Father John Misty on the hook too.
5.) King Wizard
This kind of has a similar sound to “Just What I Am” but the songs different from it. I like it, smooth and Cudi’s just flowing. Just the beginning reminds me of “Just What I Am” but the overall tone makes me think of the song. When I heard this I couldn’t stop listening to it, it has a good vibe.
6.) Immortal
One of my absolute favorites on the album, brings back memories of MOTM, the sound of the song’s great. The hook is absolute fire, this song could be a hit without a doubt. Its the 2nd official single, Cudi should try to push this if he feels he should.
7.) Solo Dolo Pt. II ft. Kendrick Lamar
Cudi and Kendrick killed this, the song has dope instrumental. I’m addicted to it and Kendrick totally had the best verse on the album.
8.) Girls ft. Too $hort
This is suppose to be the 3rd official single, this song has a 90’s sound. The hooks alright, Too $hort dropped a classic verse. His verse will end up as Top 10 of this year, if it’s not nobody was awake. But this song you’d probably have yo hear twice it has an odd sound.
9.) New York City Rage Fest
This is the interlude of the album, its just a instrumental. But it’s pretty good, I’d listen to it just because it has a good feel.
10.) Red Eye ft. Haim
I didn’t hear Cudi on here except for the end when he says “Oooh.” But this girl “Haim” is great, love her voice. I wish Cudi stuck a verse in here though, even a quick one.
11.) Mad Solar
I like this song to because it has that MOTM feel, it’s slowed up and just right. 11 songs in and Cudi’s yet to disappoint me with any songs. This song reminds of me of Down&Out, Day N Nite. It just seems like the old Cudders we all know here.
12.) Beez ft. RZA
This song wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a favorite, I like the beat and I sort of hear Cudi just on the hook. I only dislike the song because I’ve never liked RZA. The songs not bad though, this song can still shit on most of what’s come out this year.
13.) Brothers ft. King Chip & A$AP Rocky
This song has good positive vibe and it’s another favorite of mine. A$AP and King Chip killed it without a doubt. The beat was slow and sounded like something Common would use. I like Common’s beat choices sometimes just because he picks smooth, soulful beats.
14.) Burn Baby Burn
This beats primarily a guitar and Cudi sounds like he’s singing a rock song. This has more of a 80’s feel because of the hook and beat.
15.) Lord Of The Sad And Lonely
Back to the depressed, ganja Cudi. Even though the title looks sad, it doesn’t explain the song at all. The beats pretty live and Cudi rips it. It sounds like a song straight out of 1995.
16.) Cold Blooded
Kid Cudi took a shit on your life right here, he does what he wants, fuck your life b. I love the hook, Cudi’s got a great voice. I’m glad he started singing a little more..
17.) Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) ft. Michael Bolton
This is a good song to just play if your hanging out or at a cook out. Maybe a good song to put in a mix, it has a upbeat sound with Michael Bolton chiming in for the hook and Cudders jumping in momentarily.
18.) The Flight Of The Moon Man
Just as you started the album you end the album with a instrumental. This has a mysterious sound, something that makes you think why did he pick this. Interesting instrumental.. The Flight Of The Moon Man.
Honestly I don’t have anything bad to say about this album. I heard a lot of people say they didn’t like the three blank instrumentals. I’m fine with them, it gives you a break from the music and gets you to think. The instrumentals had a interesting sound. I also heard people say this album was weird or terrible but I don’t think they fuck with Cudi enough. This albums a mixture of his old self and some of what was on WZRD. I believe Cudi did a great job with the music, features, cover, title, Everything about this is great, Kanye’s gonna surely miss Cudi. I wanna give this album a 10/10 I honestly feel that way after hearing it. The quality’s great, Cudi definitely took his time with this. The only thing I can really pick at is the features and barely the production. I liked Cudi producing his own shit but I wish he had a variety. Cudi should’ve gotten some different kind of production on here like Hit-Boy, 9th Wonder, Maybe he can go find Track masters (lol). For features I wish he would’ve hunted down Banks & 50 like he said he wanted too.
Top 5 Tracks
-Just What I Am
-Solo Dolo Pt. II


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