@MiamiHeat Fans ranked Most Loyal Fans in the NBA


“The Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index interviews fans in the media markets of all 30 NBA teams to provide a direct comparison of each fan base. Besides win-loss record, the survey includes things like “authenticity,” “fan bonding,” and “history and tradition.”

Miami Heat fans came in No. 1 this year, up from No. 6 in 2012. We replace last year’s most loyal fans, the San Antonio Spurs, who fell to No. 2. The New York Knicks, Boston Celtic, and the tied fan bases of the Brooklyn Nets and Oklahoma City Thunder round out the top five.

The Charlotte Bobcats came in at the very bottom.”
Wow I just found this, I figured this was true. I am a Miami Heat fan and I’ve been with them since 06. Even through our terrible 07-08 season, 15-67 :(. But check this out and suck this dihh *Kendrick voice*. Props to Miami New Times


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